Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bedside Storage

My husband has things around his bed constantly; magazines, water bottle, a small light, etc. and for me making the bed is kind of a pain since I have to move everything off the ledge of the bed and then put it right back in an unorganized mess.  I saw online a quick fix for that one, a little pouch/mat that you put between the mattress and the boxspring with pockets on the side to put said items in.  It was $50.  Although I love organization, I certainly don't love it that much so I made one of my own, and I even get to pick out the colors that I want, so really I win.

These are the colors I picked out, a little blue print, a little brown and then the main is a chestnut print with both colors.... they just happened to be on sale when I stopped to Joanns last week and at the time I didn't even have this project in mind but now I'm glad I swooped it up. 

I wont go into full details, mostly because I made it up as I went, but I sewed the pocket part backwards, turned it around for nice seams and then stitched on top where I wanted the pockets to divide.  The top part I also sewed inside out for nice seams, turned it over, and then cut a piece of that non-sliding mat material you put in your drawers to keep them nice an clean, and sewed it right on top.  That'll keep the weight of the items from making the whole things fall from in between the bed.

Finally, I sewed both pieces together.  I put it on the bed, and stuffed it with all of my hubbys junk. =)  or I guess he would call them useful things, we'll just agree to disagree on that one.  

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