Monday, May 22, 2017

Playa Del Carmen - 2017

We're back!  Exclamation?  Yep, that's right.  We had such a great time but I was so ready to be back and see the kids.  Kind of made me wish we could have seen them a little more.  Maybe just at night to tuck them in.  We still had an awesome time though.  Lots of relaxing, laying by the pool, eating way too much food and sleeping in 'till whenever.   That's what vacation is all about, right?

I finally got my tan back and no peeling yet *fingers crossed*.  I'm so ready for it to be that warm here too.  I want to get the paddle board out and check out the new houses on our road.  I want to show Peyton the beach and watch how much sand he eats.  I want to wear shorts all day.  Ugh... so excited!

As for now, we're back to normal schedule seeing each other in passing during the week.  Nothing like getting home at midnight and going back to work at seven in the morning just to work seven straight days.  Bummer.   Good news though; we've got three birthdays and an anniversary coming up in the next three weeks so lots of parties and fun soon to come. =)

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Summer Walks

One of my favorite things lately, now that it's getting warmer is going on our after dinner walks around the street.  Peyton is so chill and just hangs out and Noah rides his bike riding way faster than he should and giving me heart attacks as he turns the corners.  Sometimes late at night, when the kids are tired I swear that's when they get the whiny face going and I feel like they need the most attention.  Being outside though makes everything better and re-sets their mood so we're ready to take baths and do our night time routine.

This weekend, although not after dinner, but after nap, we headed out as a family to GV for a walk.  That is by far the best place to walk around.   Now that is summer it's just slow enough that there aren't students everywhere and Noah can ride around without running into somebody.   I love taking pictures of the kids there too.  The trees and flowers are the best around the spring and summer and I snap away while they just hang out.  We get to talk about the buildings and show Noah where we lived while on campus.  We talk about what we want to learn when we go to college or look at the bugs and leaves on the ground.  So much to do!  But mostly, we get out energy our and it makes a great way to settle into a nap or into bed and that my friends, is easy parenting at it's best. Jeff would say.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Peyton - 37 Weeks

Noah 38 Weeks
I know I keep saying this but Peyton is just the happiest kid ever.  He smiles and laughs so much and it's just so cute.  I want to snuggle him up all day except he wont let me because all he ever wants to do is chase after Noah or play with his toys.  Second child, right?  Noah is definitely his favorite person right now and really just wants to be on him, or with him, or chasing after him non-stop. He's growing up so quickly and I can't believe he's going to be one this summer. I've really got to start thinking about his birthday plans...

  • How old is Peyton?: 37 Weeks - 9 Months
  • Peyton is how big?:  21 lbs | Size 3-4 diapers | 9mo clothes
  • Sleep: We're still going strong on sleep and he does a great job of sleeping through the night all 12 hrs. Thank goodness for babywise.  It's seemed to work with both of our kids and I'm so grateful for it. Still on the same schedule for now.  His awake time is about 1.5hrs and could go longer at times so we're starting to stretch things out. 
Up for the day around 7:30-8a - 16T solids and 4-6oz
Nap1.25-1.5 hrs later
Nap 1: 1.5-2 hrs
Up for 1.5 ish hours 11:30a ish - 16T solids and 4ish oz
Nap 2: 1.5-2 hrs
Up for 1.5 ish hours 3:15p ish - 9oz bottle
Nap 3: 1-1.25 hrs
(sometimes a catnap 20-30mins)
Up for the rest of the day
Dinner around 6p 16T solids and finger foods
Bath time and night time stuff starts at 7
Down for the night with a bottle around 7:30p - 5-7oz
  • Milestones:We have a third tooth that finally popped out.  The top ones are nowhere to be seen.  Mostly though, the kid loves to stand.  He's moving around objects while standing.  His cruising is slowly getting much better. A little longer and I have a feeling we're gonna have a walker!
  • What I’m excited about/looking forward to: Guys, three weeks 'till an adults only trip to Mexico.  Enough said.  We need a break. Otherwise, the weather is getting great here. We're taking lots of walks outside, riding bikes, doing chalk and playing in the grass.  Not a long time left until we get the beach fun going!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Our Easter Weekend

Much like everyone else, we spent lots of time with our family.  Talking, playing, opening up Easter baskets and eating lots of good food.  Holidays are so funny with kids.  I think it's going to be so relaxing and great to just sit around playing and then it's over and it hits me so hard.  I'm exhausted.  Work is almost a break today.  I get to sit here in peace and quiet.  It's kind of crazy.  And yet, I had a great time.  Noah was super excited the whole weekend.  Skipped all his naps which was even more exhausting.  He's so not ready to do that yet.  And Peyton was just happy to be around people, getting snuggled and loved on.  He's so on the move and just wants to move all the time.  He likes being busy so people being around was a great opportunity for him to do that.

We spent time with both sides of the family.  On Saturday, Jeffs.  Mine on Sunday.  We hosted Easter dinner and I made an effort to make it as fancy as possible.  All the nice places and linens out and it turned out just as I imagined.  I was so proud I made it work and everything turned out so yummy. After all the festivities were done Jeff took Noah to Lowes to run some errands and Peyton slept his last nap while I cleaned the house down.  Boy was it nice to lay in bed last night. Didn't take long to pass out and that was the end of Easter weekend.