Thursday, February 6, 2014

Things I Want to Teach my Kids Before They Leave Home

I came across this article today while doing my daily blog reading,  "What do kids need to know in the kitchen before they leave home?" and thought, "geez, I aughtta make a list like that so I don't forget!"  What I great idea this is! Obviously, I've got a super long time, but why not start my list now and have it ready as Noah and my other future kids grow up?! So here goes my list and I have a feeling it's gonna be mega long.  I'm also adding things I know Jeff would like to teach our kids although I'm sure he's got a huge list of his own.

Do your own laundry/sort it/clean stains, etc.
Make your bed properly
Good home/apartment cleaning skills
How to organize your life and your home
Cooking - see below
Cleaning maintenance like, how often to clean your sheets, towels, bathrooms, etc. 
Set a budget, stick to it and make it work with what you have
Basic sewing skills
Maintain and address book
Organize your important documents/medical/car insurance, etc.
What to do when you're sick
Basic vehicle care/changing a tire

Dice an onion
Boil eggs
Improvise when cooking
How to properly cook different types of meat
What not to fry in oil unless you want a giant grease mess/fire
Choosing the right knifes
How to make all their favorite meals
Stock a fridge/pantry for cooking
Grocery shopping (hubby)
Use a crock pot

 We're already working on the sports stuff. =)
How to start a bonfire
How to put out a fire outside and in the kitchen
How to buy a basic wardrobe for not a lot of money
Good studying skills
Mow the lawn properly (hubby)
How to be adventurous
How to be thankful for what they have
Sports stuff (hubby)
Parallel park and drive in the snow
Take care of a young child
Learn how to get around/read a map/ask for directions

People Skills:
How to be a good friend
How to do nice things for others just because
Plan a good thoughtful date for your significant other 
Good gift giving skills
How to share and give to others
Properly introduce guests to friends (both hubby & I need to work on this one =)

Obviously this is just a start to a list.  I can't imagine how many other things will pop up as my kids grow older and get closer to leaving the house. There are however things that I can start doing soon and I'm excited!  Especially once we get into the kitchen; things are gonna get fun real fast.


  1. Great post! I should really make a definite list like this as well. I'm sure we'll constantly be adding to it, but it's nice to have your goals outlined so that you don't forget or leave something important out on accident! :)

  2. Great post! Your baby is adorableee


  3. I've always believed that one of the best things that parents can do is to think ahead and "begin with the end in mind." I've always made lists for things I want my children to learn, character traits I want them to develop, and whatever else I could think of. It's great that you are doing this!

    I came across your blog from the Proverbs 31 blog hop and didn't know what you wanted your kids to know when I clicked on the link. I had to laugh when I saw that it was about your kids cooking, because I just did a podcast series on teaching your children to cook. It actually turned into 3 episodes. With 8 children, I've become quite opinionated on how important that skill is. LOL You can find the podcast here if you're interested. PJ

  4. in short, you have to teach them survival skills. :) Great post :)

  5. Visiting from the link up. Interesting post! Looking forward to reading more on your blog.