Thursday, November 9, 2017

Christmas Pictures 2017

We got on the ball early this year and took some family pictures. I waited until the last possible moment last year hoping it would snow and we could get some fun snowy white pictures and we just ended up freezing our butts off, sipping hot chocolate in the car every couple of minutes to warm up.  The kids were actually really great through it all but I figured it would probably be better if we just skipped that hassle and got them done just a tad early.  As usual, Kelly did an amazing job and although we had two kiddos who weren't all that into it we managed to get a couple good ones to use on our Christmas cards. Plus I got to wear a tulle skirt so all is well in the world.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Peyton - Fifteen Months

Noah Fifteen Months
Seriously, I feel so bad this is the first update for Peyton in forever.  I haven't even done a one year update.  What happens to parents who have five or six kids?  Do they forget things this bad too?  Oh man...   Honestly, the only reason I even checked was because we think that Peyton is transitioning to one nap and I wanted to check when Noah did that.  Then I scrolled back to Peyton and... whoops.  So here we go.  Fifteen month update for Peyton and I promise at least with these I'll get better.

  • Stats: Size 5 Diapers | 18mo clothing
  • Size: (to come... no idea and I'm setting out the second kid card thing again)
  • New Abilities: His walking is getting better but nowhere near where Noah was at this point.   He can get around a couple of feet at a time.  Mostly best when he's barefoot and on carpet but he slips and falls a lot and trips over his feet and mostly just ends up crawling.. but at least he's trying right?  He's getting there, just taking a little (lot) longer.
  • Communication:  He can say "mama" & "dada" and can do signs for "more" and "milk".  He can also shake his head for "no".  He babbles a ton and is always singing and making noises.  He can point to whatever he needs and mostly gets his message out. Personality wise, Peyton just does what he wants.  He's quite the stinker and thinks everything is funny, even when he's being naughty. He gets into everything and wants to be where ever I am.  His most favorite things to do is be in the kitchen right up next to the stove and watch and help cook.  He likes to stir things in the pan and is a pretty good helper. He's one loveable kid though.  His cuddles are amazing and will snuggle with you most of the day if he's not in his exploring mood.  He loooves his brother and can hold his own with Noah.  He even has started hitting him or pushing him out of the way.  *eye roll*  He's one tough little guy. 
  • Sleep: His sleeping in probably not as consistent as it was with Noah but goes down great at 7:30pm and wakes up around 6:30-7:00am with no wake-ups at night. When he's a school he takes three short 40mins-1hr naps and when he's home he takes one really good nap and one shorter nap.   One 2ish or more hours and the other 1.5-2.  Recently though he's refused a second nap after a super long ( like three hourish) nap and he can stay up the rest of the day with only a little grumpyness.... hence the maybe he's going to one nap?  We'll see.
  • Mom Check-In: I'm doing great.  It's so crazy to see the difference this kid is for my attitude and with Noah.  I feel so much more happy in general and I'm much more healthy and it just makes me more excited for life with these kids. I'm really excited for this holiday season and just being together more as a family.  There will be a lot more days off with vacations and holidays and I can't wait for everyone to be together. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Life Lately

I realize, as usual I've been slacking here on the blog, although in my defense updating this is not my top priority when I'm keeping up with the two littles.  Not to mention taking pictures is the last thing on my mind when I'm snuggling and playing with them.  I really do try to put the phone down and enjoy our time together.

We've been busy working on our Fall Bucket List and making good progress.  We've decorated the house for fall which Noah loves to help with.  We've picked out Halloween costumes, made some yummy desserts and other treats, we've been outside roasting s'mores, making fires, picking the last of the garden and eating all the raspberries we can.

We've watched way too much football for my taste, but Noah is loving it.  We even headed to to watch some GV football in person.  The kids loved it.  I crashed at the end of the night and slept like a little baby.  Two kids at a football game is tough work!  We've even taken our winter pictures for  our Christmas cards so we're for sure ahead of the game.  Now if we could just get Peyton to start walking....

Monday, September 11, 2017

Fall Bucket List

The weather outside is starting to feel crisp and the geese are all flocking to our lake making noise outside our windows at an ungodly hour which means fall is right around the corner. I'm already excited for jeans and sweatshirt weather, cold after dinner walks and nights watching some TV snuggled by the fireplace.  I have so many things I want to do as a family or at least with the kids so I jotted down some ideas.  This weekend we crossed the first one of our lists and headed to the Apple Festival in Sparta for some bouncy houses, turtle racing and lots of free apples.

After  couple of hours of getting all of our energy out we headed back home with both kids passed out before we even left the parking lot.  Success for all of us but better yet when they were both in bed by eight... me by 8:30.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Peyton David Turns 1!

Noah's First Birthday Party
What a sweet mischievous kid that Peyton is.  I can already see trouble for me in the future.  He's so loving, gives kisses and hugs and yet you find him getting into all drawers and pulling things out everywhere in the kitchen.  He heads to the stairs the moment you take your eye off him.  Stinker.

I can honestly say he's been my easiest baby yet.  Maybe because he's the second one, or maybe because he was just an easy kid but regardless he's been a very much needed addition to the family and I can't wait to see what the next year has waiting for him.

For Peyton's party we did our usual big family get together.  We bought a tent, rented some tables and chairs and went outside.  So much easier for cleanup and plenty of room for the kids to run around.  It was a little windy but the weather held out great and wasn't too hot for August so we were happy.  I made lasagna and salad, and cake and cupcakes.  We kept it simple and just enjoyed having people around.

Unlike Noah, Peyton went all in on his cupcake and seemed just as oblivious when singing Happy Birthday.  Overall, another party success!  Thanks everyone that came out an celebrated!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Peyton David - 50 Weeks

Noah 51 Weeks

Two more weeks until his birthday!  Time is still flying and it doesn't look like it's going to slow down one bit. We've been fairly active outside this summer and Peyton is finally starting to get some color.  Poor guy did not get my dark skin and is as white as snow.  He seems to enjoy being on the beach and in the water.  He loves to play with Noah and chases him around the house when he's not busy doing his own thing which includes making the house a mess. I gave him his first haircut last week and although he looks so much older I kind of miss that fuzz ball. 

  • How old is Peyton?: 50 Weeks11.5 Months
  • Peyton is how big?:  22 lbs | Size 4 diapers | 12-18mo clothes
  • Sleep: Ok, we're pretty much down to two naps at home.  Not the worst thing ever.  Gives us consistency and a little bit more room for activities and what-not.
Up for the day around 7:30-8a - Finger food breakfast. and a sippy cup of milk.
Nap 2ish hrs later
Nap 1: 2-2.5 ish hrs
Finger food lunch and a sippy of milk around 12p-1p
Up for 2-2.5hrs ish
Nap 2:  2-2.5 ish hrs
Up for the rest of the day
Light finger food snack and sippy cup of milk, or milk in a bottle which we're fazing out.
Dinner around 6p - whatever we're having
Bath time and night time stuff starts at 7
Down for the night with a bottle around 7:30p - 5-7oz

On school days he take 30-45mins naps, stays up way too long and pretty much just refuses to sleep so by the time he gets home he's super grumpy. We're also just finishing the last of the formula by mixing it with whole milk and then we'll be all done with the formula with this kid.
  • Milestones: He's still talking a lot.  Moving everywhere.  Still refusing to take steps but he gets around so good I guess he doesn't really need to.  He crawls up the stairs and I've found him climbing on step stools to get places.  His favorite is the pantry and Noahs bed so you really have to keep an eye on him so he doesn't fall.  I have yet to see him figure out how to get down once he is up.
  • What I’m excited about/looking forward to: Peyton is almost one and time has flown so much faster with Peyton than with Noah.  I can't believe we're already here and I really have to get planning his birthday.  I sent out invitations so at least we have a date set but everything else I haven't even though of. We're nearing the end of the summer and we're trying to soak every little bit that's left.  I'm hoping this weekend we get out to the beach and just hang out as a family.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Florida & Disney's Magic Kingdom Trip

We've been back from Florida for almost a week now and I really have to post some pictures!  What a fun time we had!  This was Peytons first plane ride so I was a little worried about how he might handle it.  He did great, or as good as a baby could do.  There were some wiggly times but he handled it like a champ and feel asleep for about half of both plane rides so I'll take it.  Noah is obsessed with watching movies on the iPad so he was super content and awesome to travel with.

When we got to Florida we rented a car.  It's so much easier with the kids not having to rely on someone else when getting around.  We shared a three bedroom condo with the rest of the family.  The kids and Jeff and I shared a room which wasn't the most fun with their loud sleeping, but it sure was fun and convenient to have everyone stay together.   We were out at the pool most of the time and then during nap times someone would stay back and chill while Peyton or Noah slept.

Our last day we went to Magic Kingdom.  I've never been before and really didn't mind one way or another if we ever went but I will say it's a great place for younger kids like Noah and he really had a great time.  So did the adults.  Luckily we had fast passes for all the rides we had which made it so much more manageable with an inpatient kid. Noah did so good on the rides.  He wasn't scared at all like some of the rides at Legoland in San Diego.  He even rode his first roller coaster and I couldn't be more proud.

The next morning Jeff drove the kids and I to the airport and we headed back home.  We were stopped by TSA and I received a nice little pat down.  They tested and then threw out my milk which was a huge bummer but eventually we got through.  A little stressful with one parent and two kids but we made it on our flight with a couple minutes to spare. When we finally landed I was so happy to be home.  We had a great time but the thought of everyone sleeping in their own room was so exciting.  We all slept all night without interruptions and woke up feeling much more refreshed.