Friday, July 21, 2017

Peyton David - 50 Weeks

Noah 51 Weeks

Two more weeks until his birthday!  Time is still flying and it doesn't look like it's going to slow down one bit. We've been fairly active outside this summer and Peyton is finally starting to get some color.  Poor guy did not get my dark skin and is as white as snow.  He seems to enjoy being on the beach and in the water.  He loves to play with Noah and chases him around the house when he's not busy doing his own thing which includes making the house a mess. I gave him his first haircut last week and although he looks so much older I kind of miss that fuzz ball. 

  • How old is Peyton?: 50 Weeks11.5 Months
  • Peyton is how big?:  22 lbs | Size 4 diapers | 12-18mo clothes
  • Sleep: Ok, we're pretty much down to two naps at home.  Not the worst thing ever.  Gives us consistency and a little bit more room for activities and what-not.
Up for the day around 7:30-8a - Finger food breakfast. and a sippy cup of milk.
Nap 2ish hrs later
Nap 1: 2-2.5 ish hrs
Finger food lunch and a sippy of milk around 12p-1p
Up for 2-2.5hrs ish
Nap 2:  2-2.5 ish hrs
Up for the rest of the day
Light finger food snack and sippy cup of milk, or milk in a bottle which we're fazing out.
Dinner around 6p - whatever we're having
Bath time and night time stuff starts at 7
Down for the night with a bottle around 7:30p - 5-7oz

On school days he take 30-45mins naps, stays up way too long and pretty much just refuses to sleep so by the time he gets home he's super grumpy. We're also just finishing the last of the formula by mixing it with whole milk and then we'll be all done with the formula with this kid.
  • Milestones: He's still talking a lot.  Moving everywhere.  Still refusing to take steps but he gets around so good I guess he doesn't really need to.  He crawls up the stairs and I've found him climbing on step stools to get places.  His favorite is the pantry and Noahs bed so you really have to keep an eye on him so he doesn't fall.  I have yet to see him figure out how to get down once he is up.
  • What I’m excited about/looking forward to: Peyton is almost one and time has flown so much faster with Peyton than with Noah.  I can't believe we're already here and I really have to get planning his birthday.  I sent out invitations so at least we have a date set but everything else I haven't even though of. We're nearing the end of the summer and we're trying to soak every little bit that's left.  I'm hoping this weekend we get out to the beach and just hang out as a family.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Florida & Disney's Magic Kingdom Trip

We've been back from Florida for almost a week now and I really have to post some pictures!  What a fun time we had!  This was Peytons first plane ride so I was a little worried about how he might handle it.  He did great, or as good as a baby could do.  There were some wiggly times but he handled it like a champ and feel asleep for about half of both plane rides so I'll take it.  Noah is obsessed with watching movies on the iPad so he was super content and awesome to travel with.

When we got to Florida we rented a car.  It's so much easier with the kids not having to rely on someone else when getting around.  We shared a three bedroom condo with the rest of the family.  The kids and Jeff and I shared a room which wasn't the most fun with their loud sleeping, but it sure was fun and convenient to have everyone stay together.   We were out at the pool most of the time and then during nap times someone would stay back and chill while Peyton or Noah slept.

Our last day we went to Magic Kingdom.  I've never been before and really didn't mind one way or another if we ever went but I will say it's a great place for younger kids like Noah and he really had a great time.  So did the adults.  Luckily we had fast passes for all the rides we had which made it so much more manageable with an inpatient kid. Noah did so good on the rides.  He wasn't scared at all like some of the rides at Legoland in San Diego.  He even rode his first roller coaster and I couldn't be more proud.

The next morning Jeff drove the kids and I to the airport and we headed back home.  We were stopped by TSA and I received a nice little pat down.  They tested and then threw out my milk which was a huge bummer but eventually we got through.  A little stressful with one parent and two kids but we made it on our flight with a couple minutes to spare. When we finally landed I was so happy to be home.  We had a great time but the thought of everyone sleeping in their own room was so exciting.  We all slept all night without interruptions and woke up feeling much more refreshed.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Noah's PawPatrol Fourth Birthday Party

I'm determined to do a better job at posting the next couple months.  I have so much to document and the pictures just sit there waiting for me.  Anyway, here is Noah's birthday party. He requested paw patrol so that's what we have him.  He was the most excited for the paw patrol masks and gave them out to everyone to wear.  Of course he had to pick who everyone got to be. We opened presents, played on the beach and shot of special rockets.  Noah was the center of attention the whole time and I'm pretty sure he loved it.

Happy Birthday Noah Bear!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Peyton - 46 Weeks

Noah 45 Weeks
My mom keeps reminding me to post Peyton updates, so this one's for you mom. =)  I really have no excuse since I do my updates at work but somehow I find a million other things to do here. Peyton has grown quite a lot in the last ten weeks.  He's started making a lot more talking noises, pointing and grabbing for things.  I don't think he can understand much but at least he's communicating with us a little more. 

  • How old is Peyton?: 46 Weeks11 Months
  • Peyton is how big?:  22 lbs | Size 4 diapers | 12-18mo clothes
  • Sleep: Ok, so sleep shifted a ton after we put Peyton in daycare.  During off days, and on days he's not sick or super teething he does still follow the same schedule.  Some days dropping his third nap and just stays up longer during his awake time.
Up for the day around 7:30-8a - 16T solids and 4-6oz
Nap1.25-1.5 hrs later
Nap 1: 1.5-2 hrs
Up for 1.5 ish hours 11:30a ish - 16T solids and 4ish oz
Nap 2: 1.5-2 hrs
Up for 1.5 ish hours 3:15p ish - 9oz bottle
Nap 3: 1-1.25 hrs
(sometimes a catnap 20-30mins)
Up for the rest of the day
Dinner around 6p 16T solids and finger foods
Bath time and night time stuff starts at 7
Down for the night with a bottle around 7:30p - 5-7oz

On school days he take 30-45mins naps, stays up way too long and pretty much just refuses to sleep so by the time he gets home he's super grumpy.  I really hate that.   Sometimes we can put him down for a quick cat-nap before dinner, other times we just ride it out. Going for after-dinner walks and just being outside in the evening helps since he's not quite as whiny.
  • Milestones: We have a total of eight teeth now!  That is so crazy.  The top four and the bottom four.  Somehow though he's still not as good of an eater than Noah was with three teeth.  Peyton is super picky is would probably just live of fruits if I didn't offer anything else. He really does a good job at sitting and standing, rolling around, crawling and cruising around all furniture. He's very mobile.  As I mentioned above he's pointing and holding his arms out to communicate things he wants.  He's also much more vocal.
  • What I’m excited about/looking forward to: I'm really excited for our family trip to Florida in less than a week.  It's going to be a lot of fun but I'm super nervous to fly with both kids.  Who knows what the sleeping situation will be like and keeping the kids entertained, especially Peyton is going to be hard.  We'll be heading to Disney one of the days so by the time we are done with this vacation I'm hoping the kids will sleep for 4163587 days.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Noah Turns 4!

I stayed home from work this morning and gave Noah extra snuggles.  He came in our room bright and early and said his tummy hurt.  I'm pretty sure he knew he was the birthday boy and anything goes today.  We made special sprinkle pancakes and blew out some candles.  We sang happy birthday and I'm sure this is the first year he's realized he's kind of a big deal.  He grinned the whole song.

Noah is growing up to be quite the beautiful kid.  He's smiley and nice. Super polite and so grown up for just being four years old.  He's smart and witty and pretty cool; much cooler than I ever was, that's for sure.  I know he secretly loves his brother even though he doesn't let him play with his toys and claims he doesn't like hugs from him because he's slobbery, but once in a while you'll catch him talking to Peyton, handing him some extra toys or even play wrestling while I'm steps away. I'm looking forward to Peyton getting older to see what kind of relationship these two will have.

My hopes for you, my little baby boy, is to always stay little and love on your mom.  I'm going to need your hugs and snuggles even when you're twenty. I hope you continue to get excited for the little things and you teach your brother just how great of a quality that is. I hope you continue wanting to know more because a smart kid will do great things when he gets older.  But my biggest hope of all is that you keep loving family time as much as you do now because I know when you get older other things may seem more fun but nothing will ever be as important as loving on your family.

Happy Birthday Noah Bear!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend - A Tri & Some Pukes

I literally just cannot keep up sometimes with this blog.  Summer is supposed to be about relaxing and yet I find that we're constantly doing things and not much of them are relaxing.  Keeping the kids busy and taking them on adventures is so much fun and rewarding to see them so excited but relaxing is so not something we do with kids.  Lately we've expanded on our after dinner walks around the neighborhood to occasionally stopping by Grand Valley and enjoying the scenery. Noah seems to enjoy riding his bike for much longer when he gets to explore the campus.  I sure hope he's a Laker when he gets older. We pulled out the attachment for Jeffs bike so they can ride in the back with him.  We tested it out with both kids and although I think Peyton is a touch to short to touch the bottom, in a month or so he should be doing pretty good.  Noah takes up so much room though, there is no way they will both fit in there next year.

This weekend we headed down to Kalamazoo for Jeffs first triathlon of the season.  We weren't on the road for more than twenty minutes when Peyton barfed all of the back seat. We turned around, headed back home, gave him a quick bath while Jeff hosed the car seat down and then we tried again.  We we're settled at my moms house for the night, we all went to bed no problem.  Noah and I slept together and about two hours after I headed to bed Noah woke up with a huge puke all over the covers.  I totally forgot my glasses so I was blindly trying to figure out where all the mess was and how I could get Noah to the bathroom.  I had to wake Jeff up to help me.  What a mess. The bed what so not usable after that so Noah went to sleep in Jeffs room with two twin beds and I hopped in with Peyton.  Thinking the disaster was over I slept the entire night to wake up and find that Jeff and Noah had been up four times in the middle of the night puking. Noah told us he was feeling much better though, so after one last dry heave in the morning we woke Peyton up and we all headed out to the tri to cheer on Jeff.  By the way, it was his birthday.  Happy pukey birthday Jeff. : /

We all made it through.  Sunday was such a long day and everyone was exhausted.  We did a million loads of laundry and my Moms house before we left and finally headed home.  By the time we got there I was feeling way under the weather.  We toughed it up to celebrate Jeffs birthday and then we put everyone to bed.  I took a shower and puked all over.  I can't believe it got me too.  Such a bummer.  Needless to say, our weekend was full of ups and downs.  I'm glad to be back at work and catch a break before next weekend.  Noahs birthday party is happening and my little Baby Bear is no longer a baby!   Gosh it makes me so sad. We need another baby.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Playa Del Carmen - 2017

We're back!  Exclamation?  Yep, that's right.  We had such a great time but I was so ready to be back and see the kids.  Kind of made me wish we could have seen them a little more.  Maybe just at night to tuck them in.  We still had an awesome time though.  Lots of relaxing, laying by the pool, eating way too much food and sleeping in 'till whenever.   That's what vacation is all about, right?

I finally got my tan back and no peeling yet *fingers crossed*.  I'm so ready for it to be that warm here too.  I want to get the paddle board out and check out the new houses on our road.  I want to show Peyton the beach and watch how much sand he eats.  I want to wear shorts all day.  Ugh... so excited!

As for now, we're back to normal schedule seeing each other in passing during the week.  Nothing like getting home at midnight and going back to work at seven in the morning just to work seven straight days.  Bummer.   Good news though; we've got three birthdays and an anniversary coming up in the next three weeks so lots of parties and fun soon to come. =)