Monday, December 11, 2017

Peyton - Sixteen Months

Noah 16 Months
  • Stats: Size 5 Diapers | 18mo -2T clothing
  • Size: 24lbs
  • New Abilities: Guys, He can walk! Finally!  And all over the place I may add.   He goes everywhere walking now and is super good at it. He falls here and there, especially in slippery areas but for the most part can do it all.  He does up and down the stairs and climbs on the step stool in the kitchen.  He moves and I love it!  And the other big thing is he's getting really good with his fork and spoon handling and mostly eats with utensils because I'm pretty sure he hates having dirty hands.  Guess that makes sense.
  • Communication:  This from last month is still pretty much the same "He can say "mama" & "dada" and can do signs for "more" and "milk".  He can also shake his head for "no".  He babbles a ton and is always singing and making noises.  He can point to whatever he needs and mostly gets his message out. Personality wise, Peyton just does what he wants.  He's quite the stinker and thinks everything is funny, even when he's being naughty. He gets into everything and wants to be where ever I am.  His most favorite things to do is be in the kitchen right up next to the stove and watch and help cook.  He likes to stir things in the pan and is a pretty good helper. He's one loveable kid though.  His cuddles are amazing and will snuggle with you most of the day if he's not in his exploring mood.  He loooves his brother and can hold his own with Noah.  He even has started hitting him or pushing him out of the way.  *eye roll*  He's one tough little guy." 
  • Sleep: Sleeping 7:30p-7/7:30a at night.   Two naps during the day still 1.5-2hrs, something one is a little shorter.  We will be moving him up at daycare in the next month and they take only one nap.  I don't like it since he only takes short little naps as it is and I do not need a grumpy kid.  Maybe, for whatever reason, he will surprise us and start sleeping one long nap at school since he gets a blanket, a stuffed animal and a cot...?  We can only hope.  Until then, we're sticking with the two naps as long as we can.
  • Mom Check-In: I'm doing great.  Getting things done for Christmas and feeling great about it.  It's nice to be in an easy routine. Working out regularly for the last year has done wonders for me and my attitude in general and I love having that scheduled time to get away and do something for myself.  If you're in the Grand Rapids area Renew Mama is such an amazing place to work out and connect with other moms and I'm super grateful for them. 

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