Friday, January 26, 2018

January Update

Happy New Year!... I mean, end of January.  Whoops!

Time flies when your having fun - or when your busy with life, right?

We got right into the swing of things when we were done with Christmas break.  We all went back to work and school. Jeff went to Florida for work for a couple of days.  We do our usual routines and honestly not much super crazy stuff going on around here. Oh ya, did I mention I'm pregnant?  Yep.  That happened too. We're already 30 weeks along and cruising.  Can you believe it?  We'll be welcoming baby boy in April and I feel like I'm super ready and at the same time not at all.  We can't quite kick Peyton out of his crib yet and I've literally bought just one zippy for the new baby and that's it.  Third kid I suppose. But without Peyton out of the nursery I don't really feel like I've been able to set anything up for the next one quite yet so here we are... until we kick him to the other room.

So what have we been doing with our time the last month?  Well, playing a lot.  Brothers playing together mostly which is super sweet to see. One minute they love each other, the other... well you know.  Just crazy town.  Peyton sure stands up for himself and Noah is trying to figure out this playing with my brother thing out.  They sure do love each other though and we're excited to welcome one more boy soon to the pack.

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