Tuesday, February 20, 2018

February Update

I realize these updates just keep getting longer and longer apart but I feel like I'll regret if I stop this blog all together.  I love looking back and reading old posts and reminiscing on all the fun we have as a family. It's been and up and down month so far and we still have a little over a week to go.  The most notable and frustrating was Jeff and I both getting the flu at the same time.  I don't think it should even be allowed for both parents to get sick at the same time.  It's so miserable.   We're both still battling the side-effects and although I'm glad the kids weren't the ones that were sick, part of me thinks it would have been easier for us to take care of them. I have absolutely no voice still and parenting and working without a voice seems to be more important that I may have previously thought.  Jeff is still up and down every day and really we're all just trying to make it through.

With the Olympics starting we have however had a lot of family time in front of the couch.  Noah asking way too many questions but coming just at the right time with all the couch time we've needed for rest.   Our house is filled with hand drawn flags of all our favorite countries and I'm pretty sure Noah knows more about the sports in the winter Olympics than I knew by the time I was twenty.

Peyton, the little stinker continues to be his mischievous self getting into everything.  Running away from parents, hitting Noah and wrestling like he's the same size and getting into the chocolate bowl even though I'm pretty sure he knows he's not supposed to.

With only 43 days until baby number threes' due date we need to get our butt in gear around here.  We still need to move Peyton to the guest room and get the nursery ready for our new baby boy.  I would love it if we were all healthy and the house kind of caught up on.  Laundry always seems to pile up so quick and I can never keep up with sweeping our floors.   I'm guessing that's just what happens with kids but I'm determined to get it under control by the time baby gets here!

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