Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bath Time Fun

Noah has really been enjoying bath time lately refusing to leave when it's time to get out.  He just really loves being in the water.  He lays down so the water covers his ears and most of his body and looks around at all the bath toys around him.  He's even gotten good enough to lay down and get up in the water by himself without sliding all over the place.

It's so nice to just sit back and watch him do his thing. It gives me a good fifteen minutes of peace.  Although peace I suppose includes hearing all the giggles.

Last night we pulled out some bath paints from the target dollar section and went to town.  We've done a similar paint before but was still a little leery of what was going on. He eventually got into it especially rubbing the paints all over his legs and arms.

Lucky for me they were super easy to clean off.  We just wiped them down with a little water and down the drain they went. I rarely have my phone with me while I'm the bath, you know, water and toddler hands scare me a little, so when I pulled it out to take a picture Noah couldn't not be a part of it.  Little cutie.  I say, "blow me a kiss!" and like that we got the cutest pictures ever.

...and another night down for this mama. Success!

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