Monday, January 26, 2015

Day off at the Downtown Market

It's a good day when you and your husband finally have a day off work together. And we made the most of it by getting out of the house and exploring our city.  Last year they built a huge outdoor/indoor farmers market which we visit here and there.  In the summer we love fresh food and they even have cool vendors that sell home-made breads and pizza doughnuts etc, so every now and then we'll pick up something new to try at dinner.  (And don't even get me started on their amazing doughnuts holes, Yum!) Of course in the winter they don't have all the outdoor vendors but they're still open for business on the inside and they have just as many fun things to try. The only downside is that items are a little pricey, but getting a thing or two once in a while is doable and almost always really yummy.

Most of the time I tend to get a chocolate croissant but opted for a ham and cheese one to share with Noah.  Of course when I offered him some he wanted no part in it. I ate it all, it was amazing. We debated getting a leg of lamb as Jeff likes to try to cook new meats but decided on waiting until we have a good plan for cooking it.  We settled on some smoothies and best of all a wheat grass shot to top it off. They kind of had me sold after the picture that stated a single shot had four pounds worth of veggies.  This girl hates veggies and it was so worth it! Plus, it could all be in my head but I felt much more energetic the rest of the day.  ...I should consider eating more greens... I really should.

I let Noah try a little but he wasn't impressed.  I didn't think it tasted all that bad although for the rest of the day, every time I burped I tasted a little grass. Pros and cons I suppose.

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