Monday, January 19, 2015

Baking with Noah - Our Weekend

I find that when I'm alone with Noah, sometimes the time drags on and I find myself looking for things to do around the house to keep us busy. Typically we do a lot of cleaning and cooking, and this weekend we spent a lot of time in the kitchen as usual.  Noah was a huge helper making muffins and an amazing chocolate chip cookie & cheesecake bar.  I would put all the ingredients in the bowl and he would sit and help me mix them and of course he was constantly trying to eat it all. I kind of let him go for it.  We made the bars for the contractors working on our house, but they wont know Noah dipped his spatula in the bowl.  Plus they tasted pretty amazing.

I've been doing much better working out more consistently and Aunt Molly has been great in helping watch Noah so I can get those workout in.  Sometimes though, Noah just wants to join in on the fun so he'll come in the basement with me and watch me run on the treadmill or do some Jillian workouts.  Of course, what mama does so does child, so this weekend Aunt Molly tried to teach Noah how to jump like mommy.  Lets just say he's not quite getting the concept yet, but his efforts are high. 

The great part about Noah joining in on the fun is that I can almost get a full workout in with Noah running around and it's just one more thing to keep us busy when we're together.  We're not quite there when it comes to the treadmill as he's trying to get on with me, but a couple more months and I'm sure DocMcStuffins will take care of that problem.  I love that the older he gets the easier it gets for me. 

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