Monday, January 12, 2015

Nineteen Months

Can I just say Noah is huge?  The kid has been eating non stop this month and he's big and heavy.  I don't even feel like I'm cuddling a toddler anymore, it's like a little child. And he is getting much cuter every day.  His personality is really starting to come out.  He loves to help me around the house.  He will sweep the kitchen with me and give me the dust pan when I need it.  He will help me mop and empty the dishwasher.  He loves to clean his highchair tray after meals and will even clean his own hands if they get too dirty.  He is his mothers son. He just loves to do things that make people laugh.  If he figures something out that's funny he will do it over and over.  He is really into scaring people and will hide behind couches and walls and say "da da da!" instead of "Bo!" but will do it non stop even if there aren't people around to scare.

Our dance parties are major around here.  He will dance to anything.  A commercial, the wii games, movies and obviously any music on our phones.   He will dance alone but loves to get anyone else to dance with him so when we're at home if you're not on the kitchen floor he will come up behind you and push you to get up and dance with him.  Even guests at our house aren't of the hook.

  • Stats: Size 5 Diapers | 2T clothing
  • Size: 31.5lbs
  • New Abilities: He's figured out how to climb on the couch if someone else is on it.  He will use that person to hoist himself up.  He's getting really good at body parts and will point to non basic parts like ankle, knee, elbow, etc. His use of the spoon and fork are getting really good.  Especially the spoon.  Not as much cleaning up after meals which is super nice. 
  • New Words: Nothing new this month. We have an appointment with a therapist that's coming to the house to take a look at him so we'll see what she has to say.
  • Sleep: So crazy sleep last month and we though it would get better but it just got even worse.  He is for sure on one nap now but will only last about an hour.  I really think he needs to sleep at least two but I guess he's the boss.  He refuses a second, now that the first is mid-day.  His night sleep has never been worse.  He's been such a good sleeper since forever; always sleeping 12+ hours but for the last four weeks he's been getting up in the middle of the night once or twice and will non stop scream his lungs out.  Looking on the internet it seems to be pretty common as there is a 18mo sleep regression.  We've checked on him here and there and even let him sleep in our bed a couple of times but most of the time the only thing that seems to work for us is crying it out. (For like an hours or more... it's terrible)   The good news is that the last three- four days have been more encouraging.  He's going down to bed with much less fussing and will only make minimal noise, or just be up for less than a half hour.  Last night he went down no problem and slept 12.5 hours... soooo, maybe this is on it's way out?!  I sure hope so.
  • Mom Check-In: The long two weeks of winter break were great for a nice re-set.  I spent much needed quality time with the hubby and I was ready to head back to work. I've started the year off nice with some good workouts on the treadmill and a little Jillian.  Hopefully tone up a little before the summer although for the most part I feel pretty good.  Not much for us on the schedule for the next couple of months so I guess we'll be spending lots of time at home.

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