Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Decorating for Christmas

It was so much fun this year decorating the Christmas tree.  Noah was a huge help and did the kids Christmas tree all by himself and I didn't really have to make any adjustments because he did such a good job.   We got a couple new ornaments he helped pick out and he really liked that we added those on the tree too.  I see a tradition happening.
Since we got a way too big tree (oops) and had to cut the top off, we had to buy extra lights to fill up the whole tree.  We headed to Target on none other than early morning on black Friday to pick some up and finished decorating the tree by the end of the day.  Peyton was pretty useless but he sure was cute in his Christmas PJ's. We really thought he would be all about pulling things off the tree but surprisingly our little naughty boy has been pretty good so far. Well, minus my favorite pig ornament he keeps trying to take off and snuggle.   I guess I can't blame him, that pig is pretty cute.

At the end of the night after we put Peyton down for bed Noah and I stayed up and talked about all the things he wanted for Christmas and wrote our own Santa letter.   He was really excited to give it to him when we saw him this week and told him all about his batman legos.   We're prepped and ready to go for Christmas!

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