Monday, November 6, 2017

Peyton - Fifteen Months

Noah Fifteen Months
Seriously, I feel so bad this is the first update for Peyton in forever.  I haven't even done a one year update.  What happens to parents who have five or six kids?  Do they forget things this bad too?  Oh man...   Honestly, the only reason I even checked was because we think that Peyton is transitioning to one nap and I wanted to check when Noah did that.  Then I scrolled back to Peyton and... whoops.  So here we go.  Fifteen month update for Peyton and I promise at least with these I'll get better.

  • Stats: Size 5 Diapers | 18mo clothing
  • Size: 23.9lbs (67th%) - 30.5in (23rd%) My poor little shorty
  • New Abilities: His walking is getting better but nowhere near where Noah was at this point.   He can get around a couple of feet at a time.  Mostly best when he's barefoot and on carpet but he slips and falls a lot and trips over his feet and mostly just ends up crawling.. but at least he's trying right?  He's getting there, just taking a little (lot) longer.
  • Communication:  He can say "mama" & "dada" and can do signs for "more" and "milk".  He can also shake his head for "no".  He babbles a ton and is always singing and making noises.  He can point to whatever he needs and mostly gets his message out. Personality wise, Peyton just does what he wants.  He's quite the stinker and thinks everything is funny, even when he's being naughty. He gets into everything and wants to be where ever I am.  His most favorite things to do is be in the kitchen right up next to the stove and watch and help cook.  He likes to stir things in the pan and is a pretty good helper. He's one loveable kid though.  His cuddles are amazing and will snuggle with you most of the day if he's not in his exploring mood.  He loooves his brother and can hold his own with Noah.  He even has started hitting him or pushing him out of the way.  *eye roll*  He's one tough little guy. 
  • Sleep: His sleeping in probably not as consistent as it was with Noah but goes down great at 7:30pm and wakes up around 6:30-7:00am with no wake-ups at night. When he's a school he takes three short 40mins-1hr naps and when he's home he takes one really good nap and one shorter nap.   One 2ish or more hours and the other 1.5-2.  Recently though he's refused a second nap after a super long ( like three hourish) nap and he can stay up the rest of the day with only a little grumpyness.... hence the maybe he's going to one nap?  We'll see.
  • Mom Check-In: I'm doing great.  It's so crazy to see the difference this kid is for my attitude and with Noah.  I feel so much more happy in general and I'm much more healthy and it just makes me more excited for life with these kids. I'm really excited for this holiday season and just being together more as a family.  There will be a lot more days off with vacations and holidays and I can't wait for everyone to be together. 

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