Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fifteen Months

We're already a quarter into Noah's second year and it's going so much more smooth and so much faster.  I'm really enjoying being with Noah and he's really starting to feel like such a part of our family.  We're able to do so many more things together and going out isn't as much of a chore. Noah's communication skills are much better and he's really signing for a lot of things.  We've introduced a couple of new signs here and there are he learns them pretty fast.

We gave Noah is third haircut and decided to go much shorter than the last two times since his hair is growing so fast.  It looks nicer long, but geez, I just can't keep cutting it every couple of weeks!  We've really enjoyed being out in the garden this month and Noah loves the tomatoes.  There are tomato seeds all over the house.  I just can't seem to get rid of them fast enough!

  • Stats: Size 4 Diapers | 18mo to 2T clothing
  • Size: 28.5 lbs - 32 in (Have not measured him this month but we do have a Dr. Apt near the end of the month) I'm going near 30 lbs - maybe a little taller.
  • New Abilities: His walking is way more steady and we really don't worry about him any more.  A couple of times he has tripped on uneven concrete which has landed him some big goose eggs but otherwise he's pretty good.   His talking/babbling is looking up.  Although he can't say many words, I think he's starting to try.  Maybe he's figuring out he can say the same things we say.
  • New Words: "hot (ot)" "doggie (oggie)" and "truck (uck)
  • Sleep: Sleeping consistently from 7:30pm to 7:30am. Naps twice during the day. A morning, an afternoon for about 1.5 hrs.  We thought last month we would move towards one nap but now we really don't think that at all.  Could have been anything that made him more awake, but he's back to normal with two naps and I'm loving it.  Gives me a good break before bedtime to make dinner and clean up.
  • Mom Check-In: I was excited for school to start and for work to be busier and the first week was just that but now we're settling back in to a slower pattern.  Good for my movie watching, bad for boredom... I guess it is what it is...   Loving hanging out with Noah lately.  I've been getting lots of cuddles and more laughs.  If only I could skip the first year I could have a million kids. =)
And to check back to our summer list, it looks like we almost completed it.  Not too shabby.
The potty has worked out great and Noah's sitting on it (with clothes) any time we go to the bathroom.  We let him flush the toilet if he poops in his diaper and then sits on the toilet.  We'll move forward from this when he's more ready though.  We don't want to push him if he doesn't get it but we definitely want him acquainted as soon as possible. 
-Make and let Noah have popsicles
-Go to the zoo
-Make Noahs one year photo book
-Start using the spoon to eat (although not yet mastered)
-Start shopping for Noah's fall clothes
-Go to the GR Downtown Market
-Have a family lunch date outside downtown with Noah
-Buy a potty

A couple more pictures of the kid:

See you next week!

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