Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Because I'm a Mom

These last two weeks have been not as fun for Noah.  It's been hit or miss with his sleeping in the morning, he just didn't seem super happy as usual and was really just grumpy.  I just couldn't figure out what his deal was and I thought he may have been like this because he's getting his fourth tooth up front.  Although I really thought that was slightly odd since it popped out about a week ago.  And then... I saw something in the back of his mouth! I reached in and found a molar in the back!  Why didn't I think of that?!  And it all made sense; the finger in his mouth, the extra drooling, the grumperton of a son... It's like a light-bulb went off!

But I laugh even thinking about it because we as parents seem to analyze everything about their kids.  We're just so worried when anything is unusual.  Almost even a little obsessed by it.  And then I thought, of course, I'm a mom! 

I remember when Noah was first born and my mind would never stop at night thinking about his schedule.  "Ok, feeding in three more hours, he will nap for two, then we'll play for an hour.  What educational games should be do? Will he ever roll over? Maybe I'm not doing enough tummy time? But I only have one hour and then he's back to bed and then feeding again..." ugh!  And I would lay awake all night thinking about how I could get him to sleep longer and just grow up.  And why he didn't do those things.  And maybe I wasn't doing something I should be.  It was a stressful time taking care of a baby.

And as I'm looking back it's just funny because although I don't worry nearly as much, I'll always worry about something, because he will always be my little (big) baby.

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