Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Giveaway With Mint Julip Boutique

Here goes the debut of my fashion blogger status. Ha! Not really... as I mentioned last week I was not meant to be a fashion blogger.  Guys, do you know how hard those girls work? Not to mention how super awkward I am in front of the camera.  Jeff and I did lots of laughing at how ridiculous I was at taking these pictures but I think you'll get the point.  Also, lets be real ladies.  I'm a mom of a young child, and I could care less what I look like when I'm rolling around the kitchen floor picking up beans that used to be in a noisemaker.  Or you know, like anything else of those sorts.  So, as much as I love dressing up, I just can't imagine doing it for a blog job.  At least not until my kids can poo on their own anyway.

However, when The Mint Julip Boutique wanted to send me some clothes to model for you guys, I put on my big girl panties because their clothes are the cutest.  I follow them on Facebook and Instagram, (as should you) because they post daily all their new pieces and I literally want all of them.  On the rare occasion when I do care what I look like, I want to look the the Mint Girls.  I mean, she looks pretty put together in that blush sweater right? I want to look like that when I go to the post office for sure.  Maybe even when I stop by Panera to pick up one of their most amazing chocolate croissants.

Belt - New York & Co. (old) similar here & here
Wristlet - Gap (old) similar here

Ok, so two awesome things. First, sign up for The Mint Julip Boutiques' newsletter and get $10 off your first order. Woop!

Second, I'm giving away $15 to The Mint Julip Boutique so enter bellow and start shopping!

Third, (Don't make fun of my lame modeling skills)  But really, how cute is this dress!?

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  1. You look cute! Taking fashion pictures is definitely a learning process. I've done two fashion posts so far, and I include a few fashion pictures in posts on other topics. Luckily my husband hasn't gotten annoyed yet with all my photo requests, and I'm learning how to use a tripod.