Monday, September 29, 2014

Avocado White Bean Tacos

I haven't done a recipe in a long time and whipped this up the other night for a quick dinner and decided this was perfect to share.  I've really been on a cooking hiatus and nothing seems to ever sound good for dinner.  Especially when it takes more than twenty minutes to whip up and Noah is clinging to my legs as I try to decided what to make.  He's a great cooking buddy but really wants to be all up in it and honestly, I get a little worried he's going to touch something hot, so I try not to cook with him much right now.

Anyway, this is super quick and not a lot of cooking to be done.  Really just assemble and enjoy!

Difficulty: Super Easy
Prep Time: 5mins  Total Time: 8mins

8 Corn Tortillas
1.5 C Frozen Corn (Microwaved)
1 Can of White Beans
1 Avocado Sliced
Feta Cheese
Olive Oil

1. Prep your ingredients - slice avocado, drain beans, defrost and heat corn and have your mayo and feta cheese ready to go.
2. Heat up a little olive oil up to medium heat in a pan.  One at a time drop your tortillas in and brown. For about two minutes. Flip and repeat.
3. Assemble your tacos thru your taco station since you've already have that all nice and set.  Fold the taco and enjoy!

In my opinion the corn tortillas are what makes this dish so yummy, so throw out the flour ones for today and splurge a little!  Perfect for meatless Monday too! (I don't do that, but I hear that's a thing the cool kids do.)

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