Thursday, September 25, 2014

Babylit Books

I have a new obsession.  Babylit books.  Have you checked them out yet?  I've been reading blogs for quite some time now raving about these books and I thought I would give a couple of them a try, and they are everything everyone is talking about!

Not only do they tell stories of our classic favorites, but the illustrations are super cute.  There aren't a lot of words and not much reading but the learning opportunities are still there so it's great for younger toddlers that can't quite sit still for a long time waiting for you to finish the words on the page.  So far Noah has been really into Frankenstein and points to all the body parts as we go thru the book.  My personal favorite has been Romeo & Juliet.  I always fall for the love stories.

During our weekly Target run we also picked up the cutest little glasses for Noah. Perfect for some reading time.  Too bad he wont keep them on his face for more than ten seconds.

Target seriously just sucks you in.  I'm pretty sure I say this every time I talk about it but it's so true.  We literally went to return a shirt and came out with glasses and groceries.  How does that happen?!  On a separate note, taking Target trips in the way early morning as soon as they open is so the way to go.  We just walked around and enjoyed some slow meandering through the isles.   I let Noah touch pretty much everything and stretch his legs.  He loved the party favors isle and we spent a good twenty minutes around there.  Easy parenting at it's finest.

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