Monday, September 15, 2014

Our Weekend: The Cold has Arrived

Geez! It's cold here in Michigan! I made Jeff turn the heat on the last couple of days because I've been waking up to the house being around 60 degrees.  I've brought out the leggings and slipper boots and I've been living in this super cute cozy sweater all weekend long. I finally was able to put pants on Noah and luckily the ones that were long last winter fit like they should now.  I doubt they'll make it 'till the end of winter but at least we've got some for this weird transition time.

Lucky for me, Noah slept pretty good this weekend, 'till about eight, and since I'm used to waking up so much earlier for work I got to "sleep in" and get up and make breakfast before Noah did.  It's nice to get things ready ahead of time. I also premade a whole bunch of pancakes and froze them so they were ready to go the rest of the week. Noah, who loves to be in the kitchen we me all day long, could not keep his little paws away and stuffed whole pancakes in the mouth. As many as he could fit.

I finally got around to doing some fall shopping for Noah, and Old Navy and Gap did not disappoint.  We always get the best deals shopping online. I live for comfy and therefore that's all I think about for Noah, and these sweats are the best.  I can't stand the look of onesies for toddlers.  I love when Noah looks all grown up in normals clothes, so tees for me are the best thing for playtime.  This stripped one and this baseball tee will look super cute with his new jeans too!

We spent the rest of the weekend scavenging for the last batch of tomatoes in the garden before I pull the plants up and of course helping daddy mow the lawn.  This cold, rainy weather has really made things sprout rather fast!

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