Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor day Weekend Festivities

We really soaked up the last bits of summer this weekend and packed in a lot of fun.  My allergies kicked in big time on Thursday and I was super worried I would be down for the count all weekend but luckily I was able to make it through with a little help from some meds.  Saturday we spent all day at home with no plans.  We did a lot of relaxing, nap taking, bike riding and finally before bed we had a major dance party around the house.  Noah gets so excited when we put on music and wiggles all around the house, usually with the tv remote in his hand.  It's the cutest.

Sunday, we ventured out of the house in hopes we could go to a minor league baseball game.  We let Noah take a super long nap and headed out after the third inning. 

Noah did surprisingly well considering how hot it was.  We let him run around a little and unfortunately lost a ball we brought with us as he tossed it down a ramp and pretty much onto the field. Lesson for next time; make sure you bring a bigger ball that doesn't fit between the gate railings... oh well!

We didn't make it 'till the end but we still had a great time.  And the best part was that Noah stayed up all the way home so he made it to nap time in his own bed. Always a win for parents!

Monday, we spent most of the day hanging out in the house as it rained most of the day.  It finally cleared up in the afternoon just in time for Jeff and I to enjoy our date night and for some picture taking for a future post.  (which by the way... I'm a terrible fashion blogger - stay tuned for that mess)
Also, if you guys are even in the Grand Rapids area, you must go to this restaurant and try out their root chips because not only are they addicting but the goat cheese fondue that comes with is to die for!

See?! Teeerible. =)

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