Thursday, August 28, 2014

Teething Woes

I am ready for this week to be over already. It seems to be dragging.  Honestly though now that school has started work is flying by, it's just being at home that's dragging.  I think Noah's teething pretty good.  His second top tooth is coming in and for whatever reason I think this one is bothering much more than any other.  He's super grumpy and clingy.  His slobbering is out of control and his nose is so stuffy that I think that's why he's been half waking up in the morning.  We're hoping this passes soon because we're already about a week in.

So to pass time by we've been trying to get out of the house as much as possible to distract Noah from all the crappy teething problems.  A couple of days ago we headed out for a Target date and some frozen yogurt. Side story: When I got home Jeff asked me how much money I spent and was super surprised when it was only $80ish dollars.  He said anything under $100 is a good day.  Am I really that bad?  Does anyone else have that problem?  Target just sucks you in big time!

Lucky for us the yogurt place had a little table with the Lion King movie and crayons around which was super cute.  Noah was more interested in the yogurt though.  Any other ideas for a little outings during teething time?

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