Thursday, August 14, 2014

Americas Most Wanted Recipes Book Review

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I was lucky enough to have been contacted to do my first cookbook review.  As you guys know I'm all about not using recipes because I really feel people have their own way of cooking and we cook for our own tastes. We cater to our families and what they like and sometimes following recipes kind of boxes me into a corner.  However, I do love to use recipes as a reference.  I don't always know what ingredients mix well together and although I like to make things up as I go, recipes can be a great way to get started.

I received "America's Most Wanted Recipes; At The Grill" by Ron Douglas, and paged through to find recipes that looked yummy but also easy and found a couple of really great ones.  First up we tried Applebees Oriental Chicken Salad. Asian cuisine is not really up our alley, but like I said before, this was a great guideline for us to start.  We followed the recipe pretty much to the tee but switched out the cabbage for the lettuce.  Overall - great recipe, and I would try this one again.

We're a huge fan or Red Robins burgers and we had to try the Red Robins Bacon Cheese Burger.  The recipe was easy and super fast since all you have to do is grill the burger and top it with the appropriate toppings.  It was a good burger, but it did not taste like a Red Robin burger at all.  It just tasted like our normal burger.  Which is good let me say, but not as amazing as Red Robin.  I feel like they could have left this recipe out of the book.  It was just a plain bacon cheese burger and nothing about it was that special.

Finally, we ended our recipe adventure with Applebee's Broiled Salmon with Garlic Butter.  Again, although this recipe was good.  There was nothing really special about it.  It was just grilled salmon. We made some quinoa and veggies as sides and it made a great healthy weeknight meal.  Would I make this again? Sure, but I don't think you need a recipe for this.

So a couple thoughts on this book.  Is it worth buying? Yes, but there are a couple things though you want to keep in mind.  I'm all about simple, and I think a lot of you guys are too.  The simple recipes aren't all that amazing.  If you haven't made one of these recipes before then by all means try them because they are good, but they aren't all that special.  The best recipes in my opinion were the ones with a lot of ingredients.  And I mean A LOT!  Like twenty plus.  Those are the ones worth trying.  Those are the ones that are going to be amazing.

So, final thoughts?  Don't buy this book if you're looking for quick easy weeknight meals, but do buy it if you've got some extra time on your hand and specialty items in your pantry.

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Thanks guys! and Happy Cooking.

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