Monday, February 17, 2014

What Was For Dinner This Week?

Cooking wise, it was a very adventurous week.  We tried out a couple new recipes, my husband thought the quinoa burgers were the most sketchy.  He did end up giving it a thumbs up and gave the go-ahead to move them into rotation as long as it's just once a month.  I agree.  You just can't beat the taste of a real burger.  But it is a healthy option. Also the cauliflower mash which turned out great.  We will be making that for sure again. 

On Monday though, I had major problems with the puff pastry pizza.  Obviously I did not plan ahead a did not defrost the puff pastry.  Terrible idea. I tried to defrost it in the microwave which I knew was a bad idea... but still I gave it a try, and sure enough it melted together after my lack of watching it carefully.  I managed to salvage it and rolled it out to make a chocolate pastry with some marshmallows and chocolate chips and just started over with another box.  Good thing I had two!  Next time, defrost ahead of time! Lesson learned.

Monday: Puff Pastry Pizza (Potato and Chicken)
Tuesday: Stuffed Shells
Wednesday: I cannot remember for the life of me = (
Thursday: Quinoa Burgers + Sweet potatoes
Friday: Leftovers
Saturday: Lemon Chicken + Cauliflower Mash
Sunday: Breakfast Hash

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