Sunday, February 9, 2014

What Was For Dinner This Week?

I never plan my meals too far ahead.  I usually have Jeff pull something out of the freezer in the morning and I figure out a recipe to make when I get home from work.  We also are super big into leftovers too so we're always making way more food than we need for a dinner of two and then we save it for either lunches at work or sometimes, if I'm feeling really lazy, then we'll also have leftovers for dinner.

The dinners I make are honestly very rarely from recipes so when I do write them out for you guys it's just a general guideline.  I'm always switching ingredients around depending on what I have around the house.  I never measure unless I'm baking.  And even then sometimes I wing it... which is probably why sometimes my baked goods turn out a little sketchy. Haha.  I do however love to get inspiration for my dinner from Pinterest and other food blogs so I'll try and link up some of these dinners if I can so you can make your own version too.  

Monday: Leftovers
Tuesday:  Grilled Chicken, Cheesy Polenta, Steamed Broccoli
Wednesday: Chicken Fried Rice
Thursday: Sunday Night Mac & Cheese
Friday: Chicken Bacon Panini + Grapes
Saturday: Shredded Chicken Wraps + Onion Rings
Sunday: Grilled Steak + Grilled Asparagus

So there it is, now, time to get inspired for some more yummy dinners this week. So far I have thoughts of stuffed shells and something with quinoa which I had Jeff buy this week to try out for the first time.

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