Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines day is my number two most favorite holiday after the Fourth of July.  How can you not love everyone celebrating each other?  It's the perfect way to remind yourself to send a little extra love to your friends and family.  This year, unfortunately Jeff is working, but I get to hang out with Noah so we'll celebrate and exchange gifts in this morning. 

And for a festive breakfast I'm checking out these Valentines Day pancakes.  They look super easy but I'm thinking it'll be even easier to just make round pancakes and use a cookie cutter to cut the shape out... plus that way I get the scraps to eat as a snack while I'm waiting for the rest to be done!

Or how about another super easy option, these Heart Cinnamon Rolls!  Pinterest, you rock my world and make me the most creative mom ever in the kitchen. =)  And finally, for another tasty treat this Valentines Day how about trying these Strawberry Nutella PopTarts we made last year? I can say for sure they were a hit at this house.

So of course I wanted to document Noah's first Valentines day.... and failed miserably.  I should have probably done it right after I fed him when he's the most happy, but I didn't so this is what I got.

Thanks kid, I guess this is what's going in your baby book. I'm sure your future wife will enjoy these though.

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  1. Strawberry Nutella pop tarts? Um, yum! At least you got photos today. Neither of my kids would cooperate so there are no Valentine's Day 2014 photos for us!