Monday, December 8, 2014

Eighteen Months

My little baby has grown up.  He's a year and a half and these last six months have flown by compared to the first six months of his life.  The older he gets the more fun he is. I love that although he is lacking in words he's learning to communicate more and more each day.  His kisses and hugs are the best, and on the days with only one nap the prebedtime cuddles are my favorite.

  • Stats: Size 5 Diapers | 2T clothing
  • Size: 31.5lbs
  • New Abilities: He's running all over the place and fast! He can really use a spoon well and eats his yogurt all by himself.  He can climb on anything and has figured out that if it's too tall he can use something else to help him get up. When you ask him how old he can show you he's one with his finger.  He's finally saying yes by nodding his head.  He will try and move and push you when you're doing something to move you where he wants.  Like when I wash the dishes and there's music he'll push me to the middle of the kitchen so I'll dance with him.  We're working on just grabbing a hand to be pulled somewhere. He can stick his tongue out and knows how to pick his nose.  He can point to most body parts on him and other people.
  • New Words: Nothing new this month.
  • Sleep: Sleep has been crazy this month.  I'm pretty sure he still needs two naps but between traveling and major teething he's taking much shorter ones and even his night sleep is a little uneasy.  He still sleeps all night and will take one to two naps but not as easy as before.  We're hoping once his molars pop thru he will feel better and be back to normal.
  • Mom Check-In: I'm excited for the holidays as Noah will finally be able to better enjoy them.  Most of my Christmas shopping is done and our Christmas cards have been ordered and sent out.  I'm feeling accomplished.  

This next month will fly by as well I'm sure with all the holidays.  Jeff and I both have three weeks of work which will finally give us some time to slow down and spend time as a family. We still need to finished putting up the rest of the tree since we've had barely any time together to do it. The lights are literally all we have up right now. Better late then never, right?
I'm hoping to get lots of dinners made and even a few desserts here and there. Maybe I'll even be able to sleep in a couple days so I don't have to be in bed at nine. Winter break is looking good!

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