Monday, December 1, 2014

...and we're back! real life that is.  You know, where you work all day and get back to the grind.  And although I must say this last week was a nice change, I'm always ready to get back to it. I'm gearing up this morning for some major cyber monday shopping and catching up on business here at work, but before that a quick weekend update.

The french silk pie I mentioned on Wednesday was a hit just as planned.  I will for sure be making that again.  The pumpkin pie also a hit, especially for being the first time I made it.  Little did I know that although I made it for my mother, she does not like the crust and literally picked the inside out of the pie.  Who does that? and who doesn't like pie crust?!  Next time, pie filling only!  We had a great traditional turkey meal as many of you may have had and spent lots of family time hanging out and chasing after Noah as he tried going up and down the stairs a million times.

For the weekend we went up north and celebrated with our other side of the family.  Jeff and his sister Molly also took part in an alumni basketball game which was super fun to watch. The basketball was a little rusty but can you blame them? =) Noah was a spunky cheerleader from the stands as he cheered on.  Lots of yelling and screaming but still way cute.

Of course no trip with a toddler is without surprises and ours this weekend was Noah learning to take his shirt of while buckled tightly into his car seat.  Which may I add was finally turned front facing even if just for the four hour trip.  Noah thought the whole thing was very entertaining and possibly even a game and I can't say I tried too hard to make him keep it on since it was so hilarious.  I might be paying for this in the future though.

We hope everyone one else also had a great Thanksgiving as we did.  And here's to some Monday shopping!

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