Wednesday, December 10, 2014

House Update - More Framing & Finishing the Basement

The framing is moving along and the weather is cooperating nicely.  Not a lot of snow in the forecast which looks good for the roof by the end of this week. The framing inside has already begun too which makes it way easier to picture how things will look.  I'm very pleased with most of the house so far but the kitchen and living room seem to be a little smaller than I thought.  I've been told that until the drywall is up you can't really tell anyway so I should just set my worries aside and wait 'till then.  The pantry on the other hand is huge and exactly what I wanted.  I can't wait to go crazy in there organizing everything.  Maybe I can even get it to look like this! Color organized cookbooks anyone?  I love it!

Oct 8 (Day 1) - We signed our contract and everything is official!
Oct 9 (Day 2) - Expected ground breaking - delay with permit.
Oct 14 (Day 7) - Pick out front door (similar to this), interior doors, house molding, door knobs, and decking and siding.
Oct 15 (Day 8) - Fireplace
Oct 21 (Day 14) - Faucets, sinks, shower heads, toilets.  Also garage door.
Oct 23 (Day 16) - Cabinetry for the whole house - knobs and handles
Nov 5 (Day 29) - Ground breaking - hole digging and laying some foundation.
Nov 13 (Day 37) - Outside brick
Nov 18 (Day 42) - Cabinet place again - Changed our minds of the kitchen cabinets!
Nov 19 (Day 43) - Chose lighting, sort of because that was pretty hard. Still have to finalize some choices.
Week of Nov 24 (Day 53) - Pour concrete base - framing basement - finalize light choices and custom island color, custom hood vent and misc faucets.
Week of Dec 8 (Day 68) - Finishing up the framing and starting the roof. Plywood mostly put up all around the house. It's starting to look like a house.

We usually stop by the house once a week.  Construction, especially during this phase, really isn't meant for kids but Noah is really stepping up for the most part.   Soon enough he'll be able to run around without supervision. Until then, I suppose a piece of wood is a good place to hang out.

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