Monday, December 15, 2014

Visiting Santa & Finishing the Tree

Usually after a three day weekend I'm ready to get back to work but we had such a great time that I'm a little sad to be leaving the weekend behind.  We finally got the tree up and decorated and even had time to shop the rest of our Christmas presents AND wrap them.  The house was cleaned and dinners were made.  Lots of things we're accomplished which leaves us with a very relaxing, stress free holiday to come.

Noah was a huge helper and after a couple times of hitting the ornaments he finally figured out the tree was a no touch area.  Of course now he points to every ornament as we name what they are over.and.over.  We attempted a nice father-son picture but Noah is the boss of this house and he wasn't having it.

We were able to spend a little time outside since the weather has been great.  Just warm enough to hang out in some pjs and a coat.  We splashed in the water and gave daddy kisses through the door. Judging from this picture though it looks like Noah is going to have to learn how to kiss a little less messy before he gets to high school.

Finally, we ended this weekend with a brunch to see Santa (and Loui the Laker)... I called it from the beginning but I think this next picture says it all.

Not a fan. Hopefully next year goes better. =/  The food though was pretty amazing so I'd say it was worth it.

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