Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Favorites - Home Edition

I've got house on my mind and things are finally underway so I figured why not a Friday favorites full of house finds.  

When Noah starts drawing and coloring I'm sure he'll want them all displayed on my nice new refrigerator which I myself see as art itself.  Honestly I'm not super fond of random items everywhere. I need clean lines and a clean house and this idea for hanging childrens art has to be one of my favorite.  Make their art into your art.

No doubt we'll have another garden at the new house with all the old veggies.  I'm excited to try some new ones too since I'll have more room to play around.  You can't plan much in a little planter when your tomato plants are a million feet wide.  Maybe I'll find a good place for a little herb garden separate for the main one.  I would love to make it part of the landscaping.

I'm always looking for a new sewing project and this cactus pillow looks like a super easy and fun one to do.

Building our house, I'm crossing out one of my biggest accomplishments on my bucket list.  I'm so proud that my husband and I have been able to work hard and save lots of money to get this done.  This custom watercolor would be a perfect way to showcase your house in the mudroom for everyone to see.  Although even better would be if I painted it.  Less money, more sentiment.

Since we'll be moving in a couple months before summer I should still have some time to get the house together for a summer party on our new deck.  I've been stalking these globe lights now for ages and this is the best website to get them.  I ordered things for my wedding here and not only did everything look great the prices are always competitive.  Not to mention the sheer amount of things they have. 

These ceramic baskets are tiny but pack a huge punch.  Berries for breakfast anyone?  Clean them up and put them right on your table.  No extra dirty dishes needed. I hate making extra dirty dishes.

Ikea has be best products for DIY projects.  I've seen this Ikea step stool done a million different ways and they always turn out so cute. For only fifteen dollars you really can't go wrong here even if you "mess it up". Why not let your toddler go wild painting it in colors to match their bathroom? Here are a couple of ideas --> Here, here & here.

Have you seen these invisible plugs?  I wonder how easy they would be to install if you already have regular ones?  Seems like such an obvious idea. I'm not sure why these aren't in every house.

I mean, I could go on forever... we'll save it for another Friday. =)

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