Thursday, December 4, 2014

House Update - Framing & Lights

It looks like while we were gone for the Holidays the house was getting busy and the cement must have been poured.  Thank goodness the weather got a little warmer for us! They also started the basement framing and it's starting to look like a house. It may only have changed a little since we last saw it but this is good progress to build on that shouldn't' be affected by the weather too much.  With another warmer week ahead and little snow we're hoping for even more work to get done.

We also finalized a couple of things for the house.  The major one for me was lighting since I was having so many issues picking the lights.  Unfortunately I just couldn't find a good matching choice for my favorite pendants so away we went with those and went with something a little easier for the island.  We also chose our dining table light and the pendant over the sink.  Our final pick still standing was the entryway chandelier which might be my new favorite.  We're making some progress guys and it's getting more exciting!

Oct 8 (Day 1) - We signed our contract and everything is official!
Oct 9 (Day 2) - Expected ground breaking - delay with permit.
Oct 14 (Day 7) - Pick out front door (similar to this), interior doors, house molding, door knobs, and decking and siding.
Oct 15 (Day 8) - Fireplace
Oct 21 (Day 14) - Faucets, sinks, shower heads, toilets.  Also garage door.
Oct 23 (Day 16) - Cabinetry for the whole house - knobs and handles
Nov 5 (Day 29) - Ground breaking - hole digging and laying some foundation.
Nov 13 (Day 37) - Outside brick
Nov 18 (Day 42) - Cabinet place again - Changed our minds of the kitchen cabinets!
Nov 19 (Day 43) - Chose lighting, sort of because that was pretty hard. Still have to finalize some choices.
Week of Nov 24 (Day 53) - Pour concrete base - framing basement - finalize light choices and custom island color, custom hood vent and misc faucets.

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