Thursday, March 1, 2018

Baby Number Three Nursery Inspiration

With only one month left to go it's really time to get my butt into gear and get this room ready for the new baby.  The last two weeks being sick really put a damper on timing and now I feel semi rushed to finish all the things like right now.  Not wanting to spend tons of money on this new room, but also wanting to feel like I'm doing something special for each baby we've tried to use a lot of the same furniture we had previously.  The biggest purchase really though has been a new crib since we can't quite kick Peyton out of his yet.

I'm updating the monochromatic look of Peytons room and adding orange, pops of black and a little more of a woodsy theme. This means we don't have any huge projects and will make the transition just a little bit easier.  The biggest statement piece of the whole room is some bright orange blackout curtains which will also be able to move around to any of the boys' rooms as they get older.

In true last minute fashion and honestly not having time to head out and shop, I was able to get most of the pieces from Amazon, so win for me and for Amazon prime for being so amazing.

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