Friday, March 23, 2012

Lot's of everything but sewing....

I have not got much sewing done even though I currently have a list full of items to make.  I have however been doing a lot of everything else.  Some shopping, baking, decorating and lots of photo taking.  So, since I can't seem to update with anything sewing related you'll have to settle for lots of everything else. 

Last week I made some very anticipated spanish churros.  I remember having these on the streets of Madrid when I was a little girl, they were warm and sugary and tasted delicious with some dark thick chocolate... yummm... Jeff and I also recently had a version of them at a restaurant a couple of weeks back and I just HAD to have some.  

Unlike the spanish version, we dipped ours in some white chocolate lemon sauce. 
It was .AmazinG.
Just like when I was a little girl, but way better because I made them all by myself. 

But, that's not all.  This week a got a lot of spring things done.  Well, mostly spring shopping. 
I went to the mall and picked up some bright fun shoes...

....and replaced our winter living room decor with some new peppy spring decor.
So, all in all, a pretty successful couple of weeks.
Maybe I'll get to the sewing next month. =)

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