Sunday, November 8, 2015

Snapshots of our Week

Last week we did our final landscaping project of the year now that it's supposed to get super cold. We still have some work to do like adding a border and planting a final tree but we did most of the hard work already. We planted some roses and some tall grass up front by our driveway, and while Jeff and I took turns shoveling a million pounds of dirt and carrying them to the front, Noah helped up stomp down the pile and dig holes for the plants. He even asked to help, went in the garage to get his own bucket and filled it up with dirt to dump on the pile.  What a nice day though it was to get some work done outside.

And while Jeff went back to work, Noah and I spent the last warm day of the season out for a walk exploring our neighborhood.  We found a mulch and dirt nursery with lots of trucks, so after they all went home for the day we wondered in and took pictures with all the different trucks. Every time, I would call out the names of the trucks and I don't know them all that well but Noah is very proficient so he would say, "no mama, that's a ..." He's already smarter than me.

We woke up this morning to a frosty lawn and lots of fog over the lake.  It was so pretty so I went outside to take a picture but reality hit.  It's gonna be winter out and its already really cold.   We strapped on our hats and winter coats and headed outside for some playtime.  And while I was freezing all while running around, Noah couldn't stand to keep his coat on as it's all too hot as he ripped it off and demanded to play outside in short sleeves in forty degree weather. 

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