Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas Quilt

...and finally part two of my lovely Christmas quilt. After the quilt top was finished I moved on to basting, which let me tell you it took foreverrrrr because this quilt was much larger than I'm used to making. Only it was finished basting I moved on to the fun part, quilting!

 I kinda wanted to do it with red and green thread but after starting the quilt I decided it would look alright to use the red thread over the green middle piece, plus it was much easier.  Take a look bellow. 
And yes, the bottom thread it white, but I promise, it looks great with the backing. =)

Finally the picture of the quilt (well, folded, so half of it) with one of the pillows and the new curtains. 

I do feel though that it was a little too much red in one place though so I moved it to the other couch so it didn't clash with the red curtains. And now it's perfect! 
Well, until next year anyway and I decide to make another one.

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  1. it turned out great! your becoming quite the little sewer! ;D