Monday, November 21, 2011

New Projects as Promised

I'm am beyond excited right now.  I just ordered two different charm packs for two new projects! Yay!

The first one will be an unnamed project because it's for a Christmas present so I'll have to wait until after to be disclosed, but just look at all the pretty colors and patterns.  Doesn't just make you want to sew?  
Doesn't it also look like it belongs in a kitchen? hint hint....

This fabric was bought on Etsy on Sounthern Fabrics' shop.  Check them out, they have great stuff.  
This set is called "Hometown" by Sweetwater for Moda.

Lastly after stalking Camilles' website "Simplify" on a daily basis I bought some of her new fabric.  
It's called "Ruby" by Bonnie and Camille.  
(You can also buy this on Etsy, and I'm sure lots of other places since it's pretty much amazing stuff.) 
I think I might make a new baby quilt for my shop... but I'm also loving these fabric squares from this years Scrap Lab.  Now I just need a baby.... or someone who has a baby. =) Anyway, Check the beauty out.

Gorgeous right? Now I'll be stalking my mailbox for the next week, Grrreat!

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  1. Beautiful fabric Cristina! It does make me want to sew, I need to get my machine cleaned and oiled so I can get back at it...just have a dress alteration planned for next week is all. Have fun with the new projects.