Monday, April 16, 2012

Pretty Minky Baby Gifts

So I finally gave away my two sets of baby gifts.  Both pretty similar but the idea/color schemes was for one in particular.  Thankfully they were both for boys so it was pretty convenient for cutting and such to do them in the same fabrics.  I made a minky backed blanket with textured minky and flannel squares in the front.  Finally I finished it off with some white ribbon for the outsides. 

I also added two cute little matching burp rags which were made from cloth diapers.  Just cut a matching strip that runs the length of the diaper and sew around the edges.  It makes a rather large burp rag so you can fold it a millions times and it's still pretty big. 

I must say, I did turn out pretty nice.  
The best was soooo soft to cuddle with.

[Fabrics from Joan's Fabrics, Fabric Diaper from Target, White Box from Target]

**** ....and just a  quick little second update with the second baby gift.  Much like the first but with an even cuter blue box!
So cute!!


  1. Love your minky baby quilt. On your binding, did you use the satin binding from the store? Those kids will love them!

    1. I did not, I used thick double sided ribbon and sewed it between the two layers while they were inside out. A little more girlie!