Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rehearsal Dinner

I'm so excited for my vacation coming up but planning for more than a couple days is sooo daunting for me.  I just feel like I can never pack enough since I'm constantly changing my mind on what I should be wearing.  Did it get cold? Should I wear a jacket now? What if that jacket doesn't match what I had already planned? Do I even feel like wearing this outfit anyway?  Ugh... I wish you could take your closet with you on trips...

I did however find a great way to decide what to wear.  Have you guys heard of  It's so great because you can find pretty much any piece of clothing in your closet and mix-and -match items right on your computer... which really saves a ton of time trying things on constantly. So here it is, my first outfit for this great trip.  Sara's rehearsal wedding dress!
...and, isn't it just so Texas!?

Rehearsal Dinner

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