Saturday, January 5, 2013


Ugh, it's been almost two months since my last post...  It's seems like I've neglecting this but really I haven't!  I've been doing some hidden posts that I'll reveal here in the next month-ish.  Yay!

But for now I'd like to recap my wonderful 2012!

The year started out slow, lots of work for both the hubby and I but we had a great time this summer and fit a lot of activities in. 

 - We celebrated out 2nd wedding anniversary - and no we did not take a picture; how did that even happen?!

- We visited my sister out in Arizona and celebrated her graduation from college.

- We traveled to Texas to watch my college friend Sara get married.

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 - We stopped at Ball State to watch my brother in law's baseball team. (He was a grad student for athletic training) 

...and while we were at Ball State we watched Andrew graduate with his masters degree.  We have such a smart family. =) (poor hubby stuck behind my giant heels, woops!)

- Celebrated Grand Valley by going to the Enrichment Dinner for the second year

- Re-did our office and moved it to the basement

- Went to Atlanta for a mini vacation and ate at lots of yummy restaurants, became part of dracon-con without even really knowing it and watched our first live NASCAR race.

- Celebrated our cousins wedding in the early fall.

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 - Hubby was promoted to Sergeant.

- Visited Art Prize in Grand Rapids.

- And finally we finished the year up by celebrating another wonderful Christmas.

We had such a blessed year full of lots of family and vacations. 
We are anxiously waiting for this coming year, for lots more family time and fun vacations.

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