Friday, July 6, 2012

New Office Makeover

We've been wanting to clear up the upstairs bedroom for a while now, almost a year now after our first miscarriage, just in case we get pregnant again. =)  I finally got Jeff to take me to IKEA and buy our new office furniture, and after one good morning of hard work we got it all put back together and decorated in the empty part of the basement.

We moved to a new house and took our office furniture with us!  
Take a look at what we did with it this time!

My favorite part of the office are the clear desk chairs! They are so modern and so me!  Everything is super organized just the way I like it! I still even have room for all my sewing items and plenty of space to sew. 
Check out the before pictures.


What we bought:
EXPEDIT shelving unit in white - LINK
EXPEDIT insert with two drawers - LINK
EXPEDIT desk in white - LINK
EXPEDIT insert with mirror door - LINK (2)
TOBIAS Chair - LINK (2)
KASSETT boxes (pack of two) - LINK In two sizes

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  1. Awesome! A fine makeover indeed. Thank you for sharing the items involved in this great makeover.