Monday, June 22, 2015

Office Reveal

We had a great couple of days off this weekend. Jeff and I were home alone while Aunt Molly brought Noah up to Grandma and Grandpas to celebrate fathers day and so we could celebrate our five year anniversary!  What a difference it makes to be alone in a house.  There was peace and quiet and lots of relaxing.  So many things can be accomplished without kids I tell ya! We put up a lot of pictures around the house and did some furniture shopping.  We had a couch delivered that we ordered a couple months ago and things are really falling into place around the house.  What we did in a day would have taken us weeks with Noah around.  But the best part was just getting to spend time together, completely uninterrupted.  Parents really need to do that more.

One of the things we did over the weekend was install a picture rail system for Noah's art work and put up some diplomas and such in the office.  I'm happy to say that room is almost completely done and decorated.  Even though our house is mostly blues and greys I wanted to bring something a little different white still keeping it light and aery feeling.  Plus everything needed to be durable and function well with Noah running around.  The kelly green looks great with the light blue.  When I found the boxes at Ikea I went right for them and I think it was a great move!

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Things in this room:
Tobias Chairs
Expedit Shelving (old) Now Kallax
Kallax -Two Drawer Insert
Expedit Desk (old) Now Kallax but similar, not the same
TJENA boxes
DIGNITET curtain wire (used for picture rail)
RIKTIG clips
LATT Childrens Table and Chairs
MERETE Curtains

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