Tuesday, June 9, 2015

IKEA Hack - Childrens Latt Table

I seriously love IKEA.  They never fail to have great simple pieces that you can dress up and are at a really good price.  Unfortunately for me the closest one is three hours away so we always have to plan ahead of time and then hope everything fits just right in the car.  Fortunately for Target they get the business Ikea deserves.  We stopped by about a month ago to pick up a couple of new things for the house and one of the things on my list was the IKEA Latt Childrens' Table and Chairs.  For only twenty some dollars you really can't go wrong. My plan was to do a classic IKEA hack and match the colors of our office so Noah can hang out in there while we do things on the computer.

I'll give some broad steps for anyone who's wondering how I did it but honestly, there are so many DIY's online I'm sure someone wrote a better one than me.

I took everything apart and painted it white.  It only took one sample size of paint to do the job so that was nice. Once everything was dry we put a clear coat on top to make it shiny.  Good idea but lesson learned for next time, make sure it's really thin because it has a slight yellow tint otherwise.  We sanded down some of the yellowish part and then re did it no problem.

For the top of the table I bought some wrapping paper and attached it with a spray adhesive and then on top of that some contact paper. You can find it anywhere really. I bought mine at Target.  That's of course after spending at least a good 40 minutes walking up and down the craft isles looking with no luck.  It was in the kitchen area next to the liners.  ...just FYI.  Dangit. #willnevergetthattimeback

For the seats, I bought some one inch foam pads and covered them in fabric with hot glue and then attached them to the seats.  You'll need some nice matching ribbon on the sides to cover up and weird folds but it took about thirty minutes and this project in general wasn't all that hard.

When all your pieces are ready just re-assemble!  That really does sound much easier then it was though.  I spent at least an hour muscling pieces in.  The little amount of paper, fabric or paint on the pieces made it pretty difficult to put back together.  I suppose the bright side of that was that was really the worst part of the whole project. 

Noah loves it and that's all that matters. Ok, and it matches the office. That makes me happy so that's really what's important. =)

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  1. Very nicely done - looks really great and it's cool that you have a 'unique' piece now!