Sunday, June 7, 2015

Noah, You're Two!

Can you believe it!?   I can.  This year went so much faster than the first and can I also say how much more fun?  This kid is a riot.  He's so funny and laughing all the time.  He does anything that he thinks other people will laugh at too.  Even though Noah's birthday is on Monday, we will be celebrating today.  (On my birthday. :/) I should get used to it right?  Anyway, we'll be having some family from in town around for a little cookout and cupcakes and hanging out on the deck enjoying the nice weather.  Much more low key than last year and also much less stressful.

I think this will be it for updates other than every couple of months here and there... but he's a kid and he'll keep learning and growing and honestly I think I've documented enough information to be pretty covered for the next so I think we'll call it a job well done.

  • Stats: Size 6 Diapers | 2T-3T clothing
  • Size: 35 lbs
  • Random Notes: His speech is slowly getting better.  He's jabbering and singing all the time and at least says some words we ask him to say.  Progress is being made but I could use some speech soon.  I'm tired of waiting.  His sleep is on and off, specially depending on how daycare goes and how much he naps there.  Now that he's getting over all his daycare sikkies and back in almost good health, he's back to the kid I know eating everything in sight which makes me feel much better. 
  • Mom Check-In: Things are good.  Life is good.  The house is coming together nicely.  Things are more relaxed now that it's summer and I'm just trying to soak everything up while we can. 
I'm looking forward to another great year with this little family of ours.  I'm sure people are wondering when number two will be on it's way and for anyone that doesn't know, which I'm sure it's a lot of you, we've been back trying again. Like last time, we're not having much success.  So wish us luck as we try the fertility medicine once again and hopefully another pregnancy sometime soon. In the meantime, Noah will keep getting all of our love and attention and most likely getting a little spoiled.

 Happy Birthday Noah Bear!  You're the BEST!

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