Friday, June 5, 2015

GVSU Enrichment Dinner 2015

What a fun year this was.  This was our fifth year attending and we did it up by surprising our friends with a limo. They also surprised me by managing to get us all seated at the same table.  Even better.   Not that I don't still enjoy the night talking to strangers during dinner, but always nice when you can hang out with your friends.

The enrichment dinner is put on to highlight some of the big donors and volunteers of Grand Valley and get motivated for another year of giving.  Also, really to thank everyone for giving back.  We love that we get to dress up and have a good time with our friends.  It's really like a grown up prom but classier.  And the food is always amazing so you really can't pass that up.


  1. I just want to comment that the girl in the pink dress is single... #justsaying ;)