Friday, February 8, 2013

Weeks 9-12

I cannot even believe I've made it to this point.  I am beyond excited and starting to feel slightly optimistic about actually having a child in 28 more weeks! The last month has been filled with major ups and downs.

Week 9 + 10:  Definitely feeling like crap.  Never did throw up but it sure would have helped. No major weight gain .  Still wearing regular pants but they are starting to feel a little snug.  Most days I felt crappy but some much better, and although this seems great, it was just time for me to freak out about maybe loosing the baby so I welcomed the bad days for sure.  I figured out I couldn't drink any water at night or in the morning without my stomach feeling nasty and I LOVE water so this was a problem.  Luckily I stocked up at night...but then I had to pee a bunch at night.   I guess the good and the bad go hand in hand.

Week 11 + 12: Starting to feel much better.  Still a nasty stomach feeling in the morning but getting up early to eat and then going back to bed for a nap has helped a bunch. I've been sleeping tons; about 12-13 hours a day so I can make it through the rest of the day.  I do rather sleep than feel sick though so not too bad.  This should pass soon, I can already feel it changing.  Definitely look like I have some kind of fat belly now.  I'm starting to be able to wear less and less pants comfortably.  Luckily my two favorite jeans still fit pretty well without much help. 

Yes...13 weeks...because I was too tired the rest of the month to take pictures. ;-)
  • How far along?: 12 weeks
  • Baby is the size of a: Plum
  • Total weight gain/loss: Can't imagine I'm the same size, we'll find out in a week at the next appt.
  • The Bump: Looks like a little one is starting to show. 
  • Symptoms: Sleeping pretty poor, lots of peeing. Huge boobs.  Nothing too horrible though.
  • Sleep: Sleeping is tough and I need a lot of it.
  • Food Cravings:  None.  As long as it's food I'll eat it.
  • Anything Making Me Queasy or Sick: Nope, I think I lucked out.
  • What I miss:  My flat belly, my cute clothes, good sleep.
  • Weddings Rings On or Off: On
  • Any Names Picked Out Yet: Lots of girls names, just need Jeff to settle on one.  I'm assuming it's a girl, lol. 
  • Movement: N/A
  • Maternity Clothes: Bought some new bras, still need to get new pants.  Trying to wait as long as possible.
  • Labor Signs: N/A
  • Best Moment of the Week:  Starting to feel better through the day.  Makes life much easier for the hubby too.
  • What I’m excited about/looking forward to:  One more week 'till our next appointment! Woo!

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