Monday, November 3, 2014

Football, Cooking and Family Days

I'm loving these days lately when Noah loves his mom so much.  The cuddling has finally arrived and there is no stopping in sight.  We went down to my moms house for Halloween and although slightly annoying I couldn't walk more than two feet away from Noah it was also super nice to be wanted.  I will soak these days in as long as I can.

The weather was so cold this weekend we had very little trick or treaters and lots of candy left over which I suppose is yummy but terrible for healthy weekend eating.  Noah went to the door each time and said "Hiiiiii!" in the highest pitched voice every single time. His little hand waiving up and down.  And then would run right back to momma. =)

Sunday was such a good family day.  Lots of football watching, relaxing and cooking going on around the house.  We made a great meal of pork tenderloin and the best little sweet potato cakes that were perfect for Noah too. I love the days I can cook for hours.  I hate the cleaning, but the cooking is so relaxing.

And it's back to another busy work week for us but I'm looking forward to ground breaking on the house.  For sure this Wednesday. We got a nice night out planned with some friends on Thursday too, so lots to look forward to!

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