Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Christmas Tree Picking

I just want to be very upfront when I show you these pictures. They look like we were all happy, but behind the pictures is a whole different story.  I'm lucky I even snapped these. Lets just start by it was way colder than anticipated and took much more time than we thought.  Noah wanted nothing to do with walking in between the trees and just wanted to have a snack and go home.  Finally we bribed him to walk with us to "look for other people".  He's so insistent on playing with new people and saying hi that every time we heard someone else in the area he ran towards them.  We followed him around hoping to find a good tree.  By the time we found the tree Noah had enough and sat in the tree sled while we cut the tree down.  Lesson learned for next time.  Bring snacks, leave earlier, dress much warmer.

By the way, the tree we got was pretty amazing.

Setting it up was way more fun.  Noah was a great helper.

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