Monday, January 4, 2016

Our Christmas

I've officially been slacking over here and I'm not even mad about it.  With two weeks off work and all the holidays in between we've been busy at home enjoying life and making memories.  Our Christmas was great as we hosted a ton of family for pretty much all Christmas week. We had people in and out of the house with all our bedrooms full most of the time.  We ate way too much food and opened up tons of presents.

I honestly was so busy just being home and having fun I rarely even took out my camera to capture it all. The only bad news of the holiday season... I was sick the whole time still recovering from my nasty nasal and ear infection and other things.  Not really the way I wanted to spend the holiday but it was sure nice to have everyone around to help out with Noah and really just keep me company and I'm sure I would have otherwise stayed home from work doing nothing.

We also started potty training! Horray!  We're happy to say we're about 75% trained and Noah is really doing great.  I've been making a huge deal about wearing no more diapers at Christmas for about a month now so Noah knew it was coming.  We had a couple of misses at the beginning but he's really got it down.  With the exception of diapers at bed time we've made it through a full basketball game and a trip to see my mom diaper free and mostly accident free.  Here is to success in the coming weeks.  We'll really be able to see what this kid is capable of when he goes back to school tomorrow.  =)

I think the best part of no more diapers is how goofy Noah has been.  He's so silly and likes to make us laugh by giving himself wedgies and pulling his underwear up "really high past my bewy button".

So hopefully now that we're back at work I'll do a little better at updating.  We're excited for only one more week here and then we're off to Mexico for some parent alone time. I'm so ready!

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