Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Noah Turns 3!

Oh Man, this little kid just isn't so little anymore.  He's grown into a child right before my eyes.  He rides his big boy bike on his own.  He talks to me about his day, tells me all his favorite things, he hugs and kisses and snuggles all day long.  He's such a mamas boy and I miss him most of the time I'm at work.  Oh how things change.   It wasn't until recently that I've really wanted time to slow down.  I'm not ready for him to keep growing up quite yet.  This third year has been my favorite.
I'm so proud of what a sweet boy Noah has become.  He's polite and nice.  He plays hard but loves to snuggle and love on us too.  He's so funny and always tries to make other people laugh as much as possible.  Noah really is the best and I just know he will be the best big brother.

Happy Birthday Noah Bear!

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