Thursday, June 16, 2016

Weekends at the Beach

When we first were looking into buying a lot to build a house we really just wanted something close to Jeffs' work and closer to the city where I work.  We wanted to be in a neighborhood close to people and have a lot that wasn't too big but maybe a little bigger than what we previously had so kids could run around and play.  We never thought we would buy anything on a lake and we really just didn't care that much anyway.  We looked a lot at different places around us, but most lots were super small or in locations without city water or they had to run electricity out to build.  Neither which was a total turn off but that was extra cost, and at least during storms it's nice to be somewhere with underground electricity.  We really only had a couple of lots to choose from since everyone around here is either buying up all the houses or building on the limited lots in the area.  We decided to go with our current location because although we had to install a well, they had electricity, was a mile from Jeffs' work, the lots were a great size and well, I guess the lake was a nice addition.
 Now that we're finally in the house, settled, and enjoying life with a beach, I can't believe we never really thought this was something we would love this much.  These summers are great, spending lots of time outside enjoining the water.  Especially as our family grows and our siblings also have kids that can come enjoy it with us.  Not to mention when we become grandparents and everyone gets to hang here all summer long.  We have big plans for a wooden deck near the beach, maybe covered with lounge chairs or a cabana... lots of flowers and beach grasses and string lights for night time. This week the landscapers are starting construction on our stone wall separating the beach from the grass area which will be a nice addition to the back yard.  Hopefully we'll be able to add some storage for beach toys and add some landscaping to soften up the wall once it's installed.  I don't think we realized that once we we're done with the house, we we're really done with the projects so these outdoor ideas we have will be continuous work for a couple of years until we're really settled in.

Until then though, we couldn't be happier with our choice for location. The beach has turned out to be such as asset to this house and we can't wait to throw parties, have people over and love the lake as much as we do.

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